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Nothing is good save the new. If a thing have novelty it stands intrinsically beside every other work of artistic excellence. If it have not that, no loveliness or heroic proportion or grand manner will save it. It will not be saved above all by an attenuated intellectuality.

Our prize poems have been mostly junk – though there is certain candid indecency of form about Lindsey's work that is attractive. But these poems are especially to be damned not because of superficial bad workmanship but as Mr. J. again correctly adjudges, because they are rehash, repetition – just as Eliot's more exquisite work is rehash, repetition in another way of Verlaine, Beaudelaire, Maeterlinck, – conscious or unconscious: – just as there are Pound's early paraphrases from Yeats and his constant later cribbing from the renaissance, Provence and the modern French: Men content with the connotations of their masters.





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The Little Review.
Bd. 6, 1919, Nr. 1, Mai, S. 74-80.

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Prologue [I]   in
The Little Review. Bd. 5, 1919, Nr. 11, April, S. 1-10

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Literatur: Williams

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