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LYRIC POETRY. The origins of lyric poetry are merged with those of narrative, because of the primitive conditions under which the distinction between these types did not exist, – that is, when there was no clearly felt difference between the relating of an incident and the expression of the emotions associated with it. With the development of art there seems to have been a gradual differentiation of lyric and narrative expression, as there was a differentiation of the originally united arts of poetry and music. The progress of poetry was, in general, marked by an increased emphasis on the individuality of the artist and on the personal or subjective elements in lyric poetry; further, by the diminished importance of its association with music, and a corresponding growth of the reflective or intellectual elements, so that modern lyric poetry is but slightly associated with actual song, though it is still centred on the expression of subjective emotion. The surviving sense of the original connection between this utterance of personal feeling and song is well illustrated by Wordsworth's observation that his lyric poems, though none of them songs, could not have their full force without a supposed musical accompaniment. For the various types of lyric developed from primitive song to late reflective lyric, see under LITERARY FORMS.





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