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                Shelley's Skylark

          (The neighbourhood of Legborn: March, 1887)


5   SOMEWHERE afield here something lies
In Earth's oblivious eyeless trust
That moved a poet to prophecies –
A pinch of unseen, unguarded dust:

The dust of the lark that Shelley heard,
10   And made immortal through times to be; –
Though it only lived like another bird,
And knew not its immortality.

[43] Lived its meek life; then, one day, fell –
A little ball of feather and bone;
15   And how it perished, when piped farewell,
And where it wastes, are alike unknown.

Maybe it rests in the loam I view,
Maybe it throbs in a myrtle's green,
Maybe it sleeps in the coming hue
20   Of a grape on the slopes of yon inland scene.

Go find it, faeries, go and find
That tiny pinch of priceless dust,
And bring a casket silver-lined,
And framed of gold that gems encrust;
And we will lay it safe therein,
And consecrate it to endless time;
For it inspired a bard to win
Ecstatic heights in thought and rhyme.






Thomas Hardy: Poems of the Past and the Present.
Second Edition. London, New York: Harper & Brothers 1902, S. 42-43.

Die Textwiedergabe erfolgt nach dem ersten Druck (Editionsrichtlinien).



Thomas Hardy: Poems of the Past and the Present.
London: Macmillan 1902.



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Literatur: Hardy

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