Michael Field

[i. e. Katherine Harris Bradley u. Edith Emma Cooper]





   A GIRL,
Her soul a deep-wave pearl
Dim, lucent of all lovely mysteries;
   A face flowered for heart's ease,
   A brow's grace soft as seas
   Seen through faint forest-trees:
   A mouth, the lips apart,
Like aspen-leaflets trembling in the breeze
   From her tempestuous heart.
   Such: and our souls so knit,
   I leave a page half-writ –
          The work begun
   Will be to heaven's conception done,
          If she come to it.






Michael Field: Underneath the Bough.
A Book of Verses.
Revised and decreased edition.
London u. New York: G. Bell 1893, S. 88.

PURL: https://hdl.handle.net/2027/njp.32101067644383



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