Ernest Rhys






          At the Rhymers' Club
                    The Toast


5   Set fools unto their folly!
    Our folly is pure wit,
As 'twere the Muse turned jolly:
For poets' melancholy, –
    We will not think of it.
As once Rare Ben and Herrick
    Set older Fleet Street mad,
With wit not esoteric,
And laughter that was lyric,
    And roystering rhymes and glad:
    As they, we drink defiance
To-night to all but Rhyme,
And most of all to Science,
And all such skins of lions
    That hide the ass of time.
    [2] To-night, to rhyme as they did
Were well, – ah, were it ours,
Who find the Muse degraded,
And changed, I fear, and faded,
    Her laurel crown and flowers.
Ah rhymers, for that sorrow
    The more o'ertakes delight,
The more this madness borrow: –
If care be king to-morrow,
    To toast Queen Rhyme to-night.





Erstdruck und Druckvorlage

The Book of the Rhymers' Club.
London: Elkin Mathews 1892, S. 1-2.

Die Textwiedergabe erfolgt nach dem ersten Druck (Editionsrichtlinien).






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