Gems from American Female Poets,
with brief Biographical Notes,
by Rufus W. Griswold.



Rufus W. Griswold


To the Reader.




[IX] THIS little volume of "gems" from the writings of the female poets of America, has been prepared within the few days required to stereotype it. Had it not been necessary to complete it within a limited period, the editor might have presented samples from a greater number of authors; though it is questionable whether he would have added to its value.

The first American poet was Mrs. ANNE BRADSTREET, daughter of one and wife of another of the early governors of the colony of Massachusetts. A contemporary critic remarks that her poetry was so excellent that, had MARO heard it, he would have condemned his own works to the fire. From the time of this "paragon of her age," as she is styled by the author of the Magnalia, the country has never been without minstrels of the gentler sex, some of whom, as the pages of this book show, have written true poetry.

[X] Nearly all American poetry – a word by which we here mean simply metrical compositions – is of the purest moral character. We do not remember a single poem of sufficient merit, as a work of art, to be quoted, that an intelligent father would hesitate to place in the hands of a daughter.

The contents of this selection are generally distinguished for propriety and beauty of thought, and harmonious versification, and they are as various as the size of the volume, and the materials in the possession of the editor, permitted.

Philadelphia, December 1, 1841.





Erstdruck und Druckvorlage

Gems from American Female Poets, with brief Biographical Notes,
by Rufus W. Griswold.
Philadelphia: Hooker 1842, S. IX-X.


Die Textwiedergabe erfolgt nach dem ersten Druck (Editionsrichtlinien).



Ed. Stoddard





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